About Robert W. McGee

After earning his 13th PhD, Robert W. McGee sets his sights on political fiction.

Robert W. McGee

Annie and the Senator

A Story of Vigilante Justice

Everybody has a past. She thought she had left her previous life behind, until a corrupt Senator threaten to expose and destroy her American dream for his financial benefit. What would you do?

Annie and the Senator

TSA vs The People

A Short Story of Vengeance

TSA vs The People is the spinned-off story of James Young - whose elderly mother is sexually assaulted by a TSA agent.

TSA vs The People

Iraqi Girl

The Iraqi Girl, volume one of The Iraqi Girl Trilogy, introduces readers to Massouma Qassim Ibrahim, who is sexually abused by U.S. soldiers at the age of five.

This volume questions the morality of enhanced interrogation, highlights the disgusting practice of female genital mutilation in a graphic way.

Iraqi Girl

Iraqi Girl 2

The second volume in the Trilogy – Just Following Orders – places readers in the mind of one of the soldiers who is ordered to participate in Massouma’s abuse.

Iraqi Girl 2 - Just Following Orders

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